UN plans Pause: Take Care Before You Share “spike” day

25 June 2020

As part of the United Nations COVID-19 Communications Response Initiative, the Department of Global Communications is planning a spike day/moment for the VERIFIED campaign on 30 June.

The spike day will push one central message “Pause: Take Care Before You Share”. Research shows that a significant way to reduce misinformation is by creating a culture of pausing, even for a few seconds, to reflect on the content before one shares it.

The design of the Pause: Take Care Before You Share campaign is to permit as much ownership as possible by those participating. While there are central assets available, we want to encourage you to adopt the language of the campaign and bring your own creativity and style to the messaging.

Ideas for engagement:

1. Provide advertising space such as pre-rolls or banner adverts for UN content
2. Commission journalists to write about the challenge of misinformation
3. Share the message “Pause. Take care before you share.” in your own brand identity on owned media channels

For more information, please contact Robb Skinner at skinner@un.org.

The AIB is a Member of the UN SDG Media Compact.

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