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For over 50 years, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) has been at the heart of Turkey’s media landscape, developing a rich tradition of journalistic integrity, and offering a bouquet of original and exclusive
As a public broadcaster operating ‘beyond the box’, TRT has captured the attention of a global audience with epic Turkish drama serials such as Resurrection, Filinta and The Last Emperor: Abdulhamid which have been
exported to over 100 countries.
TRT owes its success to understanding shifts in consumer preferences, keeping up with technological trends and the digital transformation; but most importantly to a humanitarian approach that puts the human being at
the core of its coverage.
With this vision in mind, we launched our first English channel, TRT World. It is a cross-media news organization that aims to inspire change in the world by delivering new perspectives and diverse reporting.
TRT World went live in August, 2015 and has since grown into an international network, broadcasting 24/7 with breaking and in-depth news reports from around the

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