Ruptly named Commercial Team of the Year at The Drum Online Media Awards 

Global multimedia news agency Ruptly wins Commercial Team of The Year at the annual Drum Online Media Awards. Ruptly LIVE, shortlisted for Technical Innovation of the Year, is highly commended by the judges. The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday 22 May at the Marriott in Grosvenor Square, London. 

Going up against Minute Media and Quartz, Ruptly was able to demonstrate a solid effort in growing its international client base among broadcast and online content publishers, winning the award. 

Ruptly Live, which enables publishers to license and instantly stream up to 9 simultaneous live events direct to social media, including 360 live video, was shortlisted for Technical Innovation of the Year along with projects by Facebook and Ubisoft, CNN, The Times, Telegraph Media Group, TRT World, Radio Mitre and Harrods. While the award went to The Times, Ruptly and Telegraph Media Group were both highly commended by the judges.    

Chief Commercial Officer, Matthew Tabaccos, highlighted that Ruptly is able to provide a service not only to big broadcasters, but also to fuel the output of new voices across the world that do not necessarily have the “cash to spend”.  “We are keen to be able to scale a global agency in a collaborative process, and we are proud that our team has been recognized for commercial awards which shows our daily hard work to provide news that expands views across multiple platforms,” he said. “The award gives Ruptly confirmation that we are growing the agency in the right way, by spending time with clients, listening across markets to their individual needs”. 

Last year Ruptly received the Best B2B News Site Award by The Drum.

About us

Ruptly is an award-winning international video news agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Launched in 2013, Ruptly provides real-time and archive visual news content to a range of media, from large broadcast networks to online content creators.

Offering a range of products, including readily-edited video packages,

Ruptly also provides operational facilities such as broadcast services, and direct access to global events via live streaming.

From 360 videos of spacewalks, to birdseye views of protests by drone, the agency pushes the boundaries of video journalism, using the latest in broadcast and newsgathering technology. 

Our expert team

The Ruptly news team is composed of talented and agile industry professionals, who have decades of experience with some of the world’s largest agencies and established news networks.

Our editorial staff have a proven track record – breaking the biggest stories, finding the unpolished gems passed over by other teams and enduring great challenges and hardships in the quest to bring audiences memorable visual content.

In addition, our dedicated client management agents and consultants work with our clients to understand the needs of their business, and to bring them the most appropriate content that will resonate with their audience.

Our history

Ruptly began operating fully in April 2013. From the outset, Ruptly has striven to provide a competitive alternative to other news agencies, committed to delivering exclusive high-impact and viral videos, a varied selection of daily live feeds, and a full range of broadcast services.

We continue to expand a rapidly growing global network of permanent bureaus and stringers to offer a wide selection of hard-hitting stories from the world’s most dangerous conflict zones, to viral footage of the best light news stories.

In 2017, Ruptly was named the “Best B2B News Site” at the prestigious Drum Online Media Awards, and nominated for the DC Global Media Innovator award.


Ruptly news producers on the ground are committed to bringing you the most compelling stories from around the globe in a range of different formats.

Live streaming – We can offer direct access to live global news events as they are happening, with our live streams available straight from the camera on the ground to your newsroom and on social media.

Video on demand – Television news broadcasters and online news media can quickly and easily access ready to use footage as the story breaks. Whether hard-news or features, our expansive archive of exclusive and partner-provided video content is searchable by keywords, geographic location, news category and topic.

Broadcast services – Our television facilities and operational support worldwide allows you to produce compelling content in far-flung areas of the globe without investing your own valuable technical and human resources.

State of the art technology

We use the latest in broadcast and newsgathering technology to get you closer to the action and more up to date with the latest breaking news around the globe.

Our teams are equipped with devices that let them push the boundaries of video journalism, whether it is drone footage of protests, 360 degree videos from out of space, the highest-resolution pictures of world news events or once-in-a-lifetime happenings captured on a smartphone.

Our robust delivery platform delivers you live streams from the field directly to your broadcast systems, with flexible solutions that match your need for the right content at the right time.​