With the passage of the Public Television Act by the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (PTS Foundation) was established as a non-profit foundation to operate the Public Television Service (PTS), which started broadcast on July 1, 1998. The chief objective of PTS is to establish a public service mass media system and to balance out for the inadequacy of commercial television.

In 2006, The Legislative Yuan completed the third reading and approved the Statute Regarding the Disposition of Government Shareholdings in the Terrestrial Television Industry, paving the road for Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS). After Liming Foundation donates CTS shares to the PTS Foundation, TBS was formed as a result. In 2007, Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV), Hakka TV, and Taiwan Macroview Television (MACTV) join Taiwan Broadcasting System, completed the structure of TBS. 

As an independent public service broadcaster trusted by the public, PTS aims to provide value-added quality programming services covering a wide range of categories to present the diversity and creativity in Taiwan without the intervention of commercial and political power. 

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AIB CEO Simon Spanswick at Public Television Service Taiwan -September 2019


From left to right – Mr Su, President Tsao, Simon Spanswick and Ms Guo Wuan-ling
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