NHK WORLD September programme highlights

1 September 2020

Hanzawa Tsuruko is a master of chaji, a tea ceremony that starts with an exquisitely prepared meal and finishes with matcha tea served from the heart. The purpose of this four-hour event is to treasure every encounter in life, knowing that it will never recur. Tsuruko has been traveling around Japan to encounter new people and share chaji with them. Last autumn, at the age of 76, she set off on a tea journey across Germany. The program chronicles her month-long odyssey.

As a mysterious virus that can only be seen through a microscope, the Novel (New) Coronavirus inspires fear. Medical doctor and CG creator Hirofumi Seo set out to demystify the illness it brings. He uses computer graphics to visualize the “invisible enemy.” See for yourself images of the mechanism behind infection, viral replication, and acute progression; and learn how medicine may come to the rescue by disrupting the sequence.


GRAND SUMO Highlights
Daily During Tournaments
16:30 / 22:30 / 4:30 / 8:30

The best of today’s sumo! Enjoy daily highlights of this dynamic sport with background info and play-by-play commentary adding to the excitement!

1:30 / 7:30 / 10:30 / 19:30

Going beyond the horizon. Meet Japan’s entrepreneurs whose innovative thinking is changing traditional mindsets in their various fields of work.


(Source: NHK WORLD press release)




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