NHK WORLD November programme highlights

2 November 2020

The Ryukyu Kingdom (15C-19C) flourished in present-day Okinawa through international trade and developed a unique culture known for its beautifully dyed and woven textiles. While craftspeople made painstaking efforts to revive some of these traditions after they were lost in World War II, one particularly exquisite type of fabric called “ton-byan” remains a mystery. Join Japan’s leading textile designer Sudo Reiko as she travels around Okinawa, searching for the secrets of this lost craft.

People around the world grieved when fire ravaged Shuri Castle in Okinawa, a World Heritage Site. Six months later, just as reconstruction was to begin, the COVID-19 pandemic complicated the plans. Now, a year after the fire, performers with ties to Okinawa are singing songs of solidarity and encouragement. Experience the lavish scenery of Okinawa and listen to the music, performed from the heart.

Japan Railway Journal

15:30 / 21:30 / 3:30 / 9:30

Go behind the scenes of Japan’s amazing railways. Interesting facts, new technologies, expert tips, plus where to go, how to get there and more!


Seasoning the Seasons

23:30 / 5:30 / 12:30 / 17:30

Beautiful Japan. Explore the four seasons across Japan, through its long history, ancient traditions,local festivals, food and daily life.

[Source: NHK WORLD press release]


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