NHK WORLD Monthly Focus: Idealism+AI=Utopia?

1 August 2022

Teen Regime

Imagine a Japan facing deep stagnation. The government launches the experimental Utopi-AI to revitalize the nation. This involves using artificial intelligence to select new leaders. The AI’s pick is a boy of 17 who heads a leadership team of other youngsters. The aim is to combine the idealism of youth and the wisdom of the past provided by the AI. With an original screenplay by Yoshida Reiko, creator of many hit anime, Utopi-AI offers a bold vision of the future.

August 21 Sun. Ep.1

August 28 Sun. Ep.2

Subtitled 0:10/12:10

Dubbed   6:10/18:10 (UTC)

Artists Against War

Morimura Yasumasa, a contemporary artist who has drawn praise in Japan and abroad, is known for self-portraits in which he poses as well-known figures from history and paintings. In this episode of Artists Against War, we take a look at Morimura’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Will he use Putin as a starting point for a future work? Join us as we hear his incisive views on how artists should respond to recent events.

 August 3 Wed.

1:30/6:30/12:30/17:30/22:30 (UTC)

Daily Life in Times of War

What was life like during World War II? What can we learn from the survivors? Through interviews, animation and games, young people are trying to preserve their stories for future generations.

August 6 Sat. 

0:10/6:10/12:10/18:10 (UTC)


Sharing the Future

Creating the future together. Inspiring stories of projects by Japanese people working with communities in developing countries with new ideas and efforts to help solve issues.

August 3 Wed. 

2:30/7:30/13:30/19:30 (UTC)

[Source: NHK WORLD press release]


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