NHK WORLD Japan Monthly Focus – June

31 May 2022

SHOHEI OHTANI: A Baseball Virtuoso

NHK has followed baseball sensation Shohei Ohtani closely since his 2018 Major League debut. We look at Ohtani’s ability to both pitch and bat at the highest level. We hear from those who have supported him on and off the field and examine the importance of his father’s training regime. Join us behind the scenes at such pivotal points as Ohtani’s battle to recover from elbow surgery and reclaim his place as a baseball virtuoso like no other.

June 12 Sun.

0:10 / 6:10 / 12:10 / 18:10

 Digital Eye #01

Ukraine, How Satellites Changed the War

The first episode of our new flagship program Digital Eye focuses on Ukraine. Satellite imagery has helped reveal Russian troop movements and the destruction and humanitarian crisis left in their wake. We look at the way experts and ordinary people sift through such images and other data as part of open-source intelligence efforts. We also examine how smartphones record things on the ground and images and information are spread around the world via communication satellites.

June 18 Sat. 

0:10 / 6:10 / 12:10 / 18:10


Japan’s exciting music scene! Pop, rock, traditional and more! Live performances, artist interviews, plus all the latest news!


15:10 / 20:10 / 3:30 / 9:30     


What is good design? And what is its power? From traditional to cutting edge, we explore Japanese designs that are literally shaping our lives.


1:30 / 6:30 / 12:30 / 17:30 / 22:30 

[Source: NHK WORLD press release]

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