MBC Group announces the launch of MBC Iraq, a brand-new entertainment television channel, providing a diverse selection of gripping content suitable for the entire Iraqi family. This latest debut is part of the Group’s five-year vision to expand and grow its offerings throughout the region.

While the official launch of the channel is scheduled for the evening of Sunday 17 February 2019, Iraqi viewers will be able to enjoy a sneak peek of what’s to come with the airing of two specials: The first on Friday 15 February, with the broadcast of ‘Winter at Tantora’, a Saudi cultural festival featuring a number of Iraqi singing stars including Kadhim al-Saher and Ilham al-Madfai.

The second will be the debut of the sixth season of ‘Arab’s Got Talent’ at 9pm Iraq time on Saturday 16 February 2019.

MBC’s relationship with Iraqi viewers is one that has been ongoing for years, primarily through televising Iraqi dramas, featuring Iraqi talent including superstar singers and many TV stars. Behind the scenes, many Iraqis have contributed to the growth of the Group through their hard work in HR, admin, technical, production, and more since the company’s establishment in 1991.

The launch of MBC Iraq highlights the Group’s ambition to strengthen its relationship with audiences in Iraq, and this will be reflected in the channel’s first line of programming, consisting of Iraqi productions such as drama and comedy; in addition to socio-cultural premium entertainment shows. Moreover, viewers can expect a special, tailored line-up during the Ramadan season, to be announced in due course.

“MBC Iraq is the result of the purposeful vision of Chairman of the Board, Sheikh Waleed Al-Ibrahim, and the culmination of MBC Group’s five-year expansion and growth plan, which we announced in the last quarter of 2018,” said Sam Barnett, CEO of MBC Group.

“MBC Iraq is a premium television network that caters to the needs of a sophisticated Iraqi audience, offering exclusive and premium content suitable for all members of the family and all age groups. Our aim is to offer increased localised productions, offering opportunities to Iraqi talent and prospects in media to its youth.”

Titles to expect on MBC Iraq include the social comedy show, ‘Koma D’; the music programme ‘Sahraya’ with Iraqi singing star Hatem Al-Iraqi; the cultural show ‘Al-Nahr Al-Thalath’ with Alaa Al-Hussein; ‘Al-Laylah Wayah Da’adoush’ talk show; and the lifestyle programme ‘Bait Beauty’.

(Source: MBC press release)

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