DW’s TV highlights in August

4 August 2022

DW’s high-summer TV highlights includes top documentary picks, plus the latest Bundesliga news from “Kick off!” and three upcoming shows to look out for soon.



Premiere | August 5

DW is set to roll out the new format “Afrimaxx” on August 5. An African adaptation of the popular DW lifestyle magazine “Euromaxx”, the format promises an eclectic line-up of episodes featuring the continent’s most-inspiring and character-driven creatives from the world of fashion and design through to architecture, art, food and travel. With South African host Ayanda Thabethe keeping a keen eye on current trends, the show follows updates on everything game-changing in Africa and charts the hotspots and latest arrivistes on Africa’s lifestyle scene, from under-the-radar start-ups to well-known brand names. Released every Friday.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Legacy – Where Is India Headed?

Premiere | August 6

Ahead of India’s 75th year of independence, DW presents a two-parter that explores Gandhi’s special brand of non-violent resistance that paved the way for India’s independence from British colonial rule in 1947. The documentary reveals more about the religious pluralism espoused by Gandhi that shifted power dynamics in the country, and how fast forward to today, the political narrative moves tentatively towards an India fuelled by Hindu nationalism. What lessons can be drawn from Gandhi’s legacy that could help reshape modern-day India? Stay tuned.

Kick off!

DW Magazine | August 9

August is a big month for the Bundesliga fans, as the 2022/23 Bundesliga campaign kicks off August 5 and clubs across Germany begin their pre-season preparations. DW’s magazine “Kick off!” has the low-down on the latest outgoing and new-coming stars and returnees. It also features what’s in store for this year’s Berlin derby and why this special Bundesliga fixture goes deeper than a footballing rivalry.

Thirst – When the Wells Run Dry

Documentary | August 10, 17, 24

For fans of everything life-science related, here’s a documentary that presents an ominous follow-up to the July news of Europe’s heatwave and Italy’s drought-hit Po River. “Thirst” is a timely documentary that tackles one of the hottest political and scientific topics: the prospect of drought and water scarcity as climate changes. The three-parter packs a powerful punch: the world is on track to blaze, the planet is going to run out of water, and we need to act on climate change. The glimmer of good news is luckily delivered on the third subtitle, exploring “The Last Resources”. Out on Wednesdays starting August 10.

A Mediterranean Journey

Premiere | Aug 14, 21, 28

Sineb El Masrar and Jaafar Abdul Karim pack their bags for DW’s latest TV jaunt “A Mediterranean Journey”. Visiting Middle Eastern countries which have recently witnessed major geopolitical shifts, the duo kick off their travels in the bustling capital, Beirut, exploring the city by bike before ending the first leg of their trip and traveling solo to separate destinations. Sineb embarks on a thrilling road trip across Israel for the first time, getting a glimpse into the world of this multi-faith and multicultural society. Jaafar visits Egypt and crosses the Suez Canal by boat, delving into the history of the site. Two years in the making, our August offering journeys to three out of ten countries everyone’s talking about. You won’t want to miss on these TV moments. Catch on-demand starting August 14.


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