Content from BBC Ukrainian is now available to the users of the popular Ukrainian news website, Novoye Vremya, as it now carries news stories from the website, in Ukrainian and Russian, in text and video.


Novoye Vremya ( is the website of the Ukrainian weekly social and political news magazine of the same name.  It now displays the BBC Ukrainian reporting and analysis of international and regional news relevant to Ukrainian audiences, including the BBC’s coverage of business, art, entertainment and sport.


BBC Ukrainian Editor, Nina Kuryata says: “We welcome the collaboration with Novoye Vremya, a widely respected Ukrainian publication.  This new partnership will help us showcase to a new audience relevant and engaging content from”


Chief Project Manager,, Oleg Lysenko, adds: “We want to provide our readers with high-quality and timely information.  Our cooperation with BBC Ukrainian – with which we share high journalistic standards, objectivity and impartiality – will deliver just that.”


BBC Ukrainian is part of BBC World Service.


(Source: BBC World Service press release)

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