Al Jazeera English revamp

3 January 2020

Al Jazeera English has launched its new and refreshed on-air branding and studio. The refresh project enhances news, programmes, broadcasting, and operational features.
The channel’s  renovated newsroom incorporates a state-of-the-art studio set, décor, an expanded video wall and a presenter desk that rotates through 270 degrees with enhanced lighting capabilities. This setup allows for camera positions to be utilised with reverse shots into the newsroom. In addition, revised on-screen graphics feature creative elements with new colour themes.
“We are excited to be starting the new decade with a refreshed look,” said Giles Trendle, Managing Director of Al Jazeera English. “This has involved the renovation of our studio and news room in Doha and the creation of some new on-screen features based on internal consultation as well as employee and audience feedback.”
Commenting on the refresh, Duncan Preston, Head of Global Creative, said, “This has been an amazing project, a huge effort has been made by all departments, coming together with one vision; the aim of creating a more dynamic, modern and fresh on-screen presence that will really enhance and promote the Al Jazeera brand as we move into a new decade”.
Reflecting on the project, Russell Maguire, Programs Manager for the Projects Directorate under Technology and Network Operations Division, said: “This has been a complex project to implement as maintaining on-air continuity is of paramount importance combined with the need to push on and deliver against an aggressive time constraint”.
The refresh project is the result of an initiative to enhance Al Jazeera English’s studio and newsroom to bring it up to the modern look and feel of Al Jazeera Media Network. 

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