The Association for International Broadcasting has been working on the issue of Brexit since the referendum in 2016, gathering intelligence on the potential impact that AIB Members will feel.

A report into the playout and distribution sectors of the UK broadcasting industry has now been published to help inform debate and discussion, and to assist parliamentarians and others involved in Brexit negotiations.

“We’ve been monitoring developments around Brexit for the past 18 months,” says Simon Spanswick, chief executive of the Association for International Broadcasting. “Since so many channels serving audiences across the European Union are based in the UK, licensed by the UK media regulator Ofcom, it is vital that there’s a flow of relevant, accurate and detailed information about the international media industry. The AIB, with almost a quarter of a century’s experience in the sector, is extremely well-placed to offer insight and intelligence to those empowered to make decisions. We are also determined to help our Members who may be impacted by Brexit. This new report is evidence of the work we’re doing to help and assist.”

The report includes data sets and information compiled from the AIB’s research and from its Members involved in playout and distribution. The report has been submitted to the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Copies are available to AIB Members, although detailed financial data are redacted to protect confidentialities. Contact the AIB Secretariat to obtain a copy.

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