About AIB

Logos of all members of AIB August 2014The AIB is the industry association and global knowledge network for the international broadcasting industry with members from all around the world. It is a unique centre of information and networking for television, radio, online and mobile media.  It was established in 1993 at the instigation of the international broadcasting industry, which at the time had no independent representative association that could lobby, provide networking and offer industry information and marketing support.

Members of the AIB enjoy a comprehensive range of membership services and benefits throughout the year. This includes regular member-exclusive AIB Market Intelligence Briefings, brand exposure worldwide – editorial and advertising – in AIB print and online publications, promotion at major industry events, access to the AIB knowledge network of contacts in electronic media, regulators, parliaments and journalism worldwide, and access/discounts to selected industry events.

In addition to its members, the AIB is in regular contact with over 26,000 communicators and media professionals in all parts of the world. This impressive worldwide reach and the extensive network of experienced consultants across the world is one of the organisation’s strengths.

The AIB’s focus is on organisations/companies sharing information to grow their business and shape their future, and is keen to stimulate platforms for informed debate. The AIB provides a forum for making new contacts, exchanging information and doing business. This includes regional meetings at major industry events, or private member-only meetings and dinners with key media leaders and opinion-formers in markets worldwide.

As the AIB is staffed by professionals from the broadcasting industry, the team has a detailed and practical understanding of the constantly changing broadcast environment. Key AIB staff are in demand from organisers of international media events to provide speakers, chairs and partnerships. Media regulators and government officials from countries around the world call on the AIB for input to strategic reviews of the electronic media. Where appropriate, the AIB works with other industry associations and broadcasting unions to ensure that the needs of its members are represented in different regions of the world.

The AIB is a not-for-profit organisation, with headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Governance of the AIB rests with the Executive Committee, a group of six people elected every other year by the membership.