SatADSL ( is a satellite Service Provider which designs and offers innovative satellite networking solutions to banks, microfinances, broadcasters, NGOs, Governments, ISPs, telecom operators and other companies in Africa and the Middle East in remote areas or where terrestrial infrastructure is not reliable. 

Founded in 2010, SatADSL has already installed more than 3,000 VSAT networks in more than 45 countries. It specializes in providing tailor-made solutions based on customers’ specific requirements and flexible service plans that meet its clients’ budgets. 

Through its carrier-grade Service Delivery Platform (SDP), which integrates the most advanced technologies, SatADSL provides custom-made networking solutions, tailor-made service plans and value-added services, including hierarchical service control and monitoring, traffic prioritization and online billing and payments, for any frequency band and any access technology.

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Management at SatADSL

When professionals meet, good things often happen. The founding partners of SatADSL, all from the telecommunications industry, prove this every day. One day, they decided to unite their expertise and talent to create SatADSL. And today, their enthusiasm and professionalism are rewarded by the company’s growing success. Introduction to the founding partners of SatADSL, a team of unusual personalities…

Thierry Eltges, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SatADSL
Thierry holds an engineer’s degree. He begins his career in the 1980s at the Belgian Ministry of Science Policy and continues to work over the next decade for the European Space Agency (ESA) at the European Space Technology Center in Noordwijk, Holland. In the years 2000, Thierry starts his own company for consulting services ‒ Sea & Space Exploration, still active today. His customers include ESA and industrial companies such as Newtec or satellite telecommunications operators such as SES. For 10 years, Sea & Space Exploration specializes in market research for launching new products. Following a study for ESA in 2011, he decides to start SatADSL with the current management of SatADSL.

Fulvio Sansone, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SatADSL
Fulvio graduated in electrical engineering from the University of Naples. He also holds an MBA and has over 20 years experience in satellite communications, intelligent transport systems, positioning and location-based services. He has worked for companies like Oracle Corporation as International Business Development Director and External R&D Director, European Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) as Secretary-General, ERTICO as Development Manager Satellite Positioning, and the Belgian mobile and satellite communications company SAIT-Radio Holland as Business Development Manager and Business Unit Manager. He joins Sea & Space Exploration in 2009.

Michel Dothey, the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of SatADSL
Michel holds a civil engineering’s degree from the Free University of Brussels. He has over 35 years experience in telecommunications companies, including SAIT-Radio Holland, where he started as a project manager and became head of the R&D department. There he meets Fulvio and later Thierry, in charge of supervising the ASE program of SAIT Radio-Holland. Michel goes on to work as a telecommunications consultant for, among others, the Belgian public-service broadcasting organization (RTBF). Before joining SatADSL in 2012, he also worked for a food company as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Caroline De Vos, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and PR Manager of SatADSL
Caroline holds a Master in Physics from the Free University of Brussels, a Master in Space Science from the University of Liège and a Space Executive MBA from the International Space University.  She starts working as a systems engineer for ESA, where she first meets Thierry. She continues as Project Manager and Marketing & Communication Manager at Space Checker, an innovative company offering vehicle tracking and monitoring services for critical satellite data (speed, pressure, load temperature, etc.). Caroline then joins Space Application Services, an ESA sub-contractor, to manage the strategic definition projects for crewed missions to Mars. She is also an astronaut candidate and works for several months at ESA’s European Astronaut Training Centre in Cologne. In 2006, Caroline joins Sea & Space Exploration and contributes to several telecommunications market studies, including the one initiating the SatADSL adventure.  

The Ladies of the Administration & Finance Team @ SatADSL

The SatADSL Administration and Finance department is responsible for a variety of tasks. Maité Aguirre Amantegui, Head of Service, and her assistant, are also in charge of billing, a key element in any customer relationship.

Experienced Professionals

After studying tourism, Maïté works successively in the Administration and Finance department of two companies. At the same time, she assists her husband, who is at the head of a construction company. This allows her to get a solid management experience and in 2000, Thierry Eltges, CEO of SatADSL, asks her to join Sea & Space Exploration, one of the shareholder companies of SatADSL. Ten years later, Maité is one of the 5 Directors of SatADSL, managing the Administration and Finance department.

Nadège Muzembe, with whom you probably all have been in contact previously, joined SatADSL in 2013 but recently left the company to start a new life cycle and study Physiotherapy. We will definitely miss her and wish her a lot of success in her new endeavor!

Nadège has been replaced by Erika Noirhomme who we welcome with open arms. She is a very pragmatic woman, hands-on, precise and willing to master any subject in order to better serve our partners. You will certainly be in touch with Erika very soon.

Four Missions

The SatADSL Administration and Finance department has four distinct missions:

  1. Administrative Management, including incoming and outgoing communication with clients, partners, associates, and suppliers
  2. Human Resource Management, supervised by Caroline De Vos, COO and HR Manager of SatADSL, and including salary management, information on social security matters, and alignment of internal procedures with legal standards
  3. Accounting, including the billing process
  4. Financial reporting, required by the management to draft annual budgets, check progress, and analyze cost-effectiveness

The last word is for Maité, the department manager, who emphases that SatADSL’s real strength is its team work and quality interaction between the Management, Sales, and Technical Support departments. This allows SatADSL to deliver quality work.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our Administration and Finance department at +32 2 351 33 74 or by email at Erika and Maité will be happy to answer you.

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