Vizrt Ltd. announced today a deal worth worth USD 720,000 for the implementation of broadcast graphics products with a broadcaster in the Middle East. The broadcaster’s parent company has been a Vizrt customer since 2009, and this purchase will allow the customer to share resources, including a common graphics package, templates and image library, with other broadcasters in the group.

The deal includes products for creating a complete news graphics workflow from the newsroom to the control room. In the newsroom, journalists access and edit graphics templates and maps from their native newsroom management system using Viz Content Pilot and the Viz World template-based mapping system. This allows them to easily edit and add graphics and maps to a playlist for a news broadcast. The graphics are then played back in real-time during the broadcast using the playlist control version of Viz Content Pilot in the control room.

Additionally, journalists will also use Viz Ticker3D to create and control messages to be displayed on a live ticker.

The customer purchased multiple Viz Engines, Vizrt’s powerful 3D rendering platform to render all graphics live on-air and provide the journalism staff preview capabilities in the newsroom.