The Stalwarts share their journey to excellence

It’s rare enough to see Naseeruddin Shah or Om Puri bare their hearts. But the first episode in August of The Anupam Kher Show – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai will bring together both these stalwarts as they recount their journey from being simpletons to the superstars that they are today.

For Naseeruddin Shah, it was always about literature and art. His interest in being on the stage peaked when in Std. 9 he got an opportunity to be a part of Shakespeare’s famous play, The Merchant of Venice. This first stint on stage made Naseeruddin Shah fall in love with acting while creating a sense of self-worth and belonging. As he ventured deeper into the world of theatre and entertainment, Naseeruddin Shah joined the National School of Drama – a phase which he claims was the happiest in his life. Along with a stipend of Rs.200, his experience at NSD earned him the friendship of Om Puri, a classmate whom he has known since 1970.

Om Puri’s tryst with entertainment began when he was offered Rs.150 to act in a play. Om says, “If Naseeruddin didn’t push me at NSD, I wouldn’t be sitting here on the couch today.” The two, collectively, as seniors to Anupam Kher at NSD, are also responsible for taking Bollywood to international waters.

In fact, when Om Puri received a National Award for his role in Arth Satya, Naseeruddin openly commented that he was envious of Om because he would never have been able to pull off the role. Elaborating further, Naseeruddin said, “Om was born with a wooden spoon. I’m proud to see him here today.”

If this intrigues you about the relationship between Bollywood’s most legendary actors and their life and times, all we can say the episode will surely blow you away!

The show airs every Sunday at 8 PM on AIB member COLORS.