From Monday 6 March, the Revolution-100 season of content on BBC Russian will connect audiences with the events of 1917 that led to the seizure of power by Bolsheviks and the birth of the Soviet Russia.

BBC Russian takes a new look at the crucial episodes between the two Russian revolutions – in February and October 1917 – often challenging conventional knowledge.  Through documentaries, animation, infographics, picture galleries and stories on, TV, and via digital and mobile platforms, BBC Russian connects the events of 1917 with the world of today.

Between March and November 2017, Revolution-100 will feature a wide range of content including:

  • A four-part video series, The Train from Zurich to the Revolution, tracing Lenin’s train journey from Zurich to Petrograd, which put him in the centre of the struggle for power in the Russian capital. Starring the popular Russian actor, Mikhail Yefremov, the documentary asks why Germany had facilitated that momentous journey.
  • A special video feature filmed at the Russian Duma, re-enacting the drama of the political struggle of 100 years ago. The country’s budding legislative organ of the time – set up to establish democratic governance in Russia – was soon obliterated by the Bolsheviks.
  • Research into the economic situation in the country as the February Revolution was largely triggered by bread riots and strikes in Petrograd – asking what an average worker could buy and if hunger was really widespread.
  • Research into the social layout of the country whose monarch abdicated after centuries of absolute rule.
  • Letters from the frontline: a personalised look at the role of the First World War in the disaffection that brought the soldiers – and their families – into the ranks of the protesters.
  • Faces of the revolution: portraits of seven key members of the Provisional Government – Mikhail Rodzyanko, Alexandr Protopopov, Pavel Milyukov, Vasiliy Shulgin, Prince Georgiy Lvov, Generals Nikolai Ruzsky and Mikhail Alekseev.
  • The world press reaction to the revolution as it unfolded.
  • The story of three brothers from Nizhniy Novgorod, whose different political choices and resulting lives reflect the trials and tribulations of 20th century Russians.

Throughout the season, BBC Russian will report the centenary of the Russian revolution as it is reflected in Britain’s cultural scene.

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