Euronews joins Google’s free application for smartphones and tablets, available on Android as “Google Play Newsstand” and on iOS as “Google Currents”.

Euronews, the European news leader, is now a partner of the Google App that brings together magazines and other news sources in one must-have reading app.

Both Apps, Google Play Newsstand or Google Currents, help people to create their personalized magazine by aggregating information from selected news sites, magazines, blogs and others news sources in one single place.

Euronews provides users with six content verticals to choose from: “News”, “Europe”, “Business”, “Culture”, “No Comment” and “Sci-Tech” in text, images and videos. Euronews for Google Play Newsstand/Currents Apps is available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The Google Apps are free on the AppStore for iPhone/iPad and on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, Newsstand is pre-installed on all new Android devices.

With 1 billion devices and 1.5 million daily activations on Android, Newsstand represents a one-stop shop for users to discover and consume Euronews’ content.

“Being a partner of Google on such a platform allows Euronews to increase its audience reach and engagement in an unprecedented manner and to remain at the forefront of new content consumption trends.” said Walid Chamak, Head of Digital Partnerships at Euronews.

Content syndication fits into Euronews strategy to be a global multimedia News organization.

As underlined at the MIPCOM conference in October: Euronews places innovation at the heart of its strategy which aims to transform the company into a global media group offering “the right content, in the right place, at the right time.”

The company is a pioneer in adapting content to new trends in digital news consumption. By launching some of the most innovative projects and products all over the world, Euronews aims to increase its audience and brand awareness.

(Source: Euronews press release)