AP reports that a Vietnamese satellite TV platform has dropped BBC World News and CNN from its channel line-up on Thursday 16 May. K+, a joint venture between a Vietnamese company and Canal Overseas, part of the Canal+ Group, appears to be interpreting the “Decision 20” regulation – which places onerous conditions on foreign TV channels – in a particular way, in direct contrast to a majority of other Vietnam-based platforms.

AIB has been lobbying on the issue over the past few months and is now seeking further clarification both from K+ and the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communication.

“We are disappointed that Vietnamese audiences are having their choice of international TV channels restricted,” said Simon Spanswick, AIB chief executive. “There is still uncertainty around the proposed pay-TV regulations promulgated in Vietnam. K+ appears to be out of step with the Vietnamese market and the latest interpretation of Decision 20. We look forward to the channels that have been taken off air being restored very quickly.”

As of the European afternoon on 16 May, the K+ website was still showing BBC World News and CNN as channels available to the platform’s subscribers.