Campaigning for Malaysia’s 13th General Election has started in earnest.  The parties and independents are out to win the hearts of some 13 million voters eligible to decide on the government of the day on 5th May 2013, .

Channel NewsAsia’s teams are reporting on developments from the ground daily.  Viewers will also be given highlights, analysis and background to the politics in Malaysia as the campaigning period gets underway.

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The Malaysian election specials are telecast on Channel NewsAsia at the following times:

Two Visions, One State: An Insight Special

Thursday, 25th April, 8-8.30pm (Sin/HK/Mnl)

Politics in Malaysia has always been seen through the prism of race.  Today, 40 years on, the race-based formula has come under threat by a coalition of opposition parties which has chosen to champion the rights of those in need irrespective of race. Which of these competing visions will win?

Perspectives: Malaysia Decides

Sunday, 28th April, 8-9pm (Sin/HK/Mnl)

A two year election campaign comes down to the wire in Malaysia. How do the various contenders plan to tackle corruption, economic development and the issue of race? Perspectives put these questions to key politicians from the different political parties.

Agents of Change: An Insight Special

Thursday, 2nd May, 8-8.30pm (Sin/HK/Mnl)

The Youth, Social Media and Civic organizations were instrumental in dealing a severe blow to the ruling Barisan Nasional government in the last 2008 general election when it lost its two thirds parliamentary majority for the first time since 1969. As Malaysia braces for its 13th general election, will these agents of change continue to cost the BN crucial votes at the next polls?

Malaysia Decides: Results

Sunday, 5th May, from 8pm (Sin/HK/Mnl)

Over 13 million voters cast their ballots in one of Malaysia’s most intense election races. Catch the latest results and the analysis in this special programme.