The  Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) participates in this year’s Arab Radio and Television Festival in  Cairo(8th  – 12th  December, The  Media Production City, Cairo).

Eng / Khalid bin Ahmed Balkhyour, President & CEO of Arabsat, stated that during this event  Arabsat will also present its new satellite services that were recently launched to provide more satellite capacities to serve HDTV broadcast and meet the expected demand for this service.

He pointed out that Arabsat has an integrated satellite fleet  that provides all TV broadcasting and satellite communications services with a full back up in orbit, and added that Arabsat investments in building and operating this fleet of new satellites have exceeded 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, funded primarily from Arabsat revenue. Arabsat is currently ranked seventh in the world among the largest satellite operators worldwide.

Arabsat recently signed a contract for manufacturing and launching its sixth generation satellites, which will be launched in the coming years to ensure the diversity of all Arabsat services delivered and the development needed to meet all its customers’ requirements .