AIB Members respond to Ebola crisis

The Ebola crisis that has emerged in West Africa has been the subject of extensive news coverage both in the region and throughout the world. AIB Members in the affected region have responded to the challenge of covering the outbreak, ensuring that there is a flow of information about the disease, the potential harm it can cause and steps to prevent contagion – all while ensuring that reports on TV and radio do not cause panic.

Ebola is one of the most deadliest diseases known to man, killing up to 90% of the people who catch it, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Ebola is so infectious that patients should only be treated in isolation by medical staff wearing protective clothing.

Nigerian-based TVC News and Channels TV – both commercial broadcasters – have provided extensive reports and analysis of the situation. AIB is gathering information on the coverage provided by other Members in the region, and our international Members. This page will carry links to coverage wherever possible.

Examples of coverage by international broadcasters includes this from RT and this from Al Jazeera English (there are links to related Ebola stories on these pages).

AIB is on hand to help its Members share ideas and knowledge about covering major events such as the Ebola breakout, ensuring that those organisations with limited resources are able to effectively cover the situation for the benefit of their viewers and listeners.