Africanews is a leading multilingual, pan-African news outlet. Africanews is available in sub-Saharan Africa via its complete offer (TV + digital: website, social media, mobile applications).

Now available on the App Store, Africanews app offers free access to all iPhone and iPad users to catch up all the news published on, all programmes as well as Live TV.


The first Africanews app allows to follow pan-African and international news anywhere and at any time.


Africanews app is available for free on the App Store, both English and French languages.


To download the application, click here

Africanews application for iOS devices also offers:

  • Push notifications for Breaking News
  • Africanews Live to watch the channel 24/7
  • Constantly updated timeline so you don’t miss any event
  • The editor’s choice for global news
  • Highlighted videos with thematic playlists
  • A rich content (media content with pictures, tweets and videos, live blogging)
  • Special features (Widget iOS, Data Savings feature to save your Data package, Offline mode feature)

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and President of Africanews says: “Since its launch, we have positioned Africanews as a news
platform dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of a Digital Africa. Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the app for Apple devices. The iOS app complements our bilingual digital services, with our website, our YouTube channels, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Besides the app enables news from a sub-Saharan perspective to spread even more around the world, we have also designed Africanews app specifically for our African audience who can choose the means through which they want to be informed, from Breaking News push notifications to TV in live streaming.”

(Source: Euronews press release)